God has blessed me with many things and inspired me to share what I have learned of addiction, justice and the solutions to some of life’s most complex and difficult issues.

In my experience in high victory and lowly defeat I was given a solution that I hope to share with you here. This solution has given me a radically different understanding of the value human life, love and the way to work through the challenges that we all face. I hope you will join me here and participate in what is shared on this site.  If you give me your email I will not share it with anyone, but will share with you my writing and commentary.

“Our biggest failures can be our most valuable gifts. Allowing our pain to unlock and fuel new willingness to change is a pathway to prosperity and will help us overcome any problem.”

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Highly Functional: A collision of Addiction, Justice and Grace

Craig DeRoche Craig DeRoche is the Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy for Prison Fellowship and is the Executive Director of Justice Fellowship, founded by Chuck Colson.  This website is his personal work done at his own time, effort and expense. The content here does not reflect the views of Prison Fellowship Ministries, its Board of Directors or Staff.