“Our biggest failures can be our most valuable gifts. Allowing our pain to unlock and fuel new willingness to change is a pathway to prosperity and will help us overcome any problem.”

God has blessed me with many things and inspired me to share what I have learned of addiction, justice and the solutions to some of life’s most complex and difficult issues.

In my experience in high victory and lowly defeat I was given a solution that I hope to share with you here. This solution has given me a radically different understanding of the value human life, love and the way to work through the challenges that we all face. If you give me your email I will not share it with anyone, but will share with you my writing and commentary.

I hope you will consider buying and sharing my new book Highly Functional: A Collision of Addiction, Justice and Grace. It is available at Amazon by clicking here or at other retailers. The book is a first person account of my life in addiction and the painful twists and turns that eventually led to my surrender and entering recovery. The book brings the reader through the scenes and struggles and reveals the powerful secret that saved and changed my life completely.

If you are, or know a person who has struggled with addiction – and is otherwise “highly functional” this book is for you! The truth is that while addicted, no one is really all that functional at all, despite outward appearances or material success. This book is written so that others may learn of the pathway from a life in addiction to a life of freedom and happiness.