Craig DeRoche is married to Stacey and has three daughters aged 15, 13 and 9 years.  He lives in Michigan and works as President Justice Fellowship in Lansdowne, Virginia.

Craig was twice elected to the Novi city council.   He also represented Novi and 6 other growing suburban-Detroit communities in the Michigan legislature for three terms.  While in the legislature Craig distinguished himself by being unanimously elected Speaker of the House in 2004 at age 34.   This made Craig the youngest statewide republican leader in the country at the time.

Craig grew up in Michigan and graduated through the public schools before earning his bachelor of science in business fromCentral Michigan University at age 20.  Upon graduation, Craig was named “Outstanding Student Leader” by the president of the college.  In 1992, Craig participated in the first class of the Michigan Political Leadership Program at Michigan State University and graduated with other leaders who would go on to serve as a Native-American Tribal Chairman, the Superintendent of Michigan Schools and Detroit Mayor. This experience taught Craig the value of building relationships and working with a diverse band of leaders while working to advance policy and issues from his own conservative principles and base.

Craig did not seek election to office in 2008 and ran his own consulting business prior to joining Justice Fellowship as the Director of External Relations.  Craig was drawn to work in advancing the mission of the fellowship through his own Christian experience and surrender after a life long addiction to alcohol.  Today, Craig is very active in using his experience, strength and hope to help others in addiction, addiction recovery; reforming the criminal justice system and serving those still holding political office.

Craig is very active in his local community, non-denominational church and with his family.  Craig is also an active participant and volunteer in addiction recovery efforts, programs and events.